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Japan Society for Manufacturing and Evaluation of Coatings


President's Greeting

Our society was founded on September 3rd 2014, adopting the three principles of international interaction, research and technology development, and education. Our society became a member of CSI (Coatings Societies International), Japan's second largest international society for paint and coatings after the Japan Society of Color Material. In the future, we're going to introduce our “Industrial color control engineer licensing system,” which will be compatible with similar systems abroad, and coordinate the publishing of Japanese paint/coatings articles in industry magazines to enrich international interaction.

We also promote a “traceability system of coatings” and “standardization of measurement devices” for distinguishing color trademarks as one of our characteristic areas of “research and technology development.” Color can be seen in different ways depending on its surroundings, making standardization of measurement devices an important challenge. Also, if we can establish the traceability system to check coatings sometimes applied to buildings to counteract deterioration from age, both paint quality and coating technology can be improved. We’re sure this will help to improve the technology and service overall.

Recently in Japan, vocational training facilities and related organizations have played an important educational role in the field of paint/coatings. However, we think true customer service can be created by learning color coordination and color trademarks organically based on conventions of knowledge and experience. To promote this, our society aims to provide a variety of information related to “colors” and to establish various “educational” systems.

We sincerely hope our society will be able to contribute to the development of the industry and the enhancement of people’s lives.